BIS Bronze GCH  CH Quiche’s Nathan James “Vinny”

Whether you are seeking a Bouvier that will excel in field and working events or one that will excel in the show ring, we strive to make both aspirations possible. Cassiopeia Bouviers are top quality and they are able to excel in both areas. Our Bouviers are accomplished not only in the show ring but have gone on to become Service, Agility, and Herding dogs; among other things.



If you are seeking advice or assistance with your Bouvier, whether it is our breeding or another kennels, we are always here to support you and aid you in your endeavors.


We only breed a limited number of litters. Our goal is to breed Bouviers with sound temperaments that are strong, driven, structurally correct, and have a good working ability. We health test all of our dogs prior to breeding them to ensure the health of our puppies to the best of our ability. All of our Bouvier puppies come with full health guarantees for the first two years until they have had all testing done to ensure our lines are free of genetic problems. We do our best to keep track of where they go so that we can make adjustments should the need be there.
We do not take short cuts. Our goal is to make sure our clients are happy with a well bred puppy from our kennel.


Contact us anytime as we are always happy to talk to you about your needs now, or in the future. Thank you for looking into our wonderful dogs at Cassiopeia Bouviers.




What a difference 18 months makes when the dog has an outstanding pedigree and tons of love and affection














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