No sales to third party resellers, brokers, pet stores, or individuals acquiring puppies for resale.


Cassiopeia Bouvier’s strives hard to breed high quality Bouvier’s who reflect our understanding of a complete and correct dog. While we choose individuals for breeding whom we feel can be competitive in sport or in your home we cannot always control what mother nature throws our way. We simply cannot keep all the puppies even a small kennel such as our produces. Therefore we make those which we produce available to the public on a limited basis. We always retain the right to keep those we intend to keep before a puppy is chosen for sale.


We do our best to ensure that all puppies that leave our kennel are healthy and well adjusted when they leave our kennel for their now homes. Because we breed responsibly, all our dogs are health tested prior to breeding. These tests are always available to the prospective new puppy owner. However, we have come to realize that once we have done the proper health testing that is required we cannot determine what nature decides for our puppies once they leave our home and are in an environment that is beyond our control. Sometimes puppies ( like humans ) can have problems even though the parents are perfectly healthy. This is a fact that is important for the prospective puppy owner to realize and is comfortable taking responsibility for.


Certain guidelines have been established for health testing for the Bouvier des Flandres. These test which we have performed on our breeding dogs is for Hip, Elbows, Eyes, Heart, Thyroid, and optional are the patella’s which we do. If during the first two years of your puppies life any of these six items becomes a problem and a vet signs off that there is an issue Cassiopeia Bouvier’s will replace your puppy with another for a different litter. If the problem is caused by an injury this does not apply!! We will not refund money for your puppy and we will not take it back since it is already a part of your family and in most cases the family is attached to the puppy. But you will be allowed two more years from the time the puppy was diagnosed with which to get another puppy to replace the one with the problem. The only time a partial refund may be given is if your puppy is under six months of age and there is an unforeseen situation where the buyers situation has change to no fault of their own and it is no longer possible to give the puppy the home it deserves. This is decided on an individual basis. There are no exceptions to this policy and any refund is at the discretion of the breeder. There are absolutely no refunds give on deposits once they are made to hold a puppy and this will be deducted in case a refund is warranted.


After you have picked up your new puppy you have 5 days from that date to take your puppy to a vet of your choosing and have it checked a to make sure it is a healthy puppy. A signed report from your vet must reach our kennel within 7 days of the exam date. It is recommended that you have it sent so that a signature is required as proof of delivery. Failure to do so will cancel the entire agreement and relieve the seller of all liability.


Buyer is to enroll the puppy in two 8 week obedience classes beginning between 4 and six months of age and finished prior to two years of age. A well socialized Bouvier is one you can be proud of and these classes are as much for the new owner as it is for the puppy as you will both learn what is expected.


Any time a puppy is taken from its environment, mother, siblings, and original people, it undergoes stress. Keep your new puppy quiet and isolated from large gatherings of people other then family for the first week to ten days. If you have stairs in your home please try to keep your puppy off them for the first few months as this is the time when their bones are forming and hardening. This is the time they are most prone to injury. We give all required shots prior to them leaving and you will be informed when the next set is due. For female dogs it is recommended they not be spayed until after they have gone through their first heat cycle as they will be healthier when they get older. Males should not be neutered until they have reach a year of age for the same reasons. There have been studies done to prove this to be true and we recommend this to all our new puppy owners.

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