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Hello! If you have looked over our site and think a Cassiopeia Bouvier is right for you, we’ve put together a list of questions for you to consider. We hope these questions will aid you in your decision as well as allow us to know something about you. As a responsible Breeder we not only want what is the best for our client, but for our puppies as well. They are the future of Cassiopeia Bouviers.



To reserve a puppy from our upcoming litter we ask that you email us a detailed note outlining the following. We will contact you. Once you are approved and a deposit is made your assured of a puppy. If for some reason the mother does not have enough puppies those having made deposits first will get their puppies in the ordered received and your deposit will be moved to the very next litter. Due to the fact a lot of out puppies are sold to people from outside our general area once a deposit has been received it becomes non refundable. You do have the right to move your deposit to a future litter. Thank you.

Why do you want a Bouvier?
What are your expectations for this puppy as an adult?
What prior experience do you have with dogs/Bouvier’s
What is your general lifestyle like? Do you live in the city or a rural setting?
What state do you live in?
Will you guarantee that should something happen and you can no longer keep your puppy you will notify Cassiopeia Bouviers first?
Do you own or rent? currently have a fenced yard or prepared to install one?
Have you ever owned a large breed working dog and if so what breeds?
What happened to your previous dog?
In order to select the correct pup for you please describe your temperment and your family in general. Which activities do you plan to enjoy with your new Bouvier
How did you find out about Cassiopeia Bouviers?
Have you ever interacted with a Bouvier?
Have you read our Contract and Guarantee? Are you in agreement with all the terms outlined?
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